Life isn’t all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Sometimes things take a turn for the worse; sometimes they take a turn for balls-out disgusting.
For your viewing (dis)pleasure, we’ve decided to compile a list of injuries that make your stomach turn.
Every one of these people survived.

14. Giving the Finger

Infection aside, this probably won’t kill you. It will smart, though. You can see where the blade cut down, hit the harder bone at the knuckle and veered off to the side slightly. It then continued down to the next knuckle, splitting the finger clean in two.
This is going to hurt for a long time.

13. Foot and Mouth

This image is all over the internet – it has been linked to a polar bear attack.
Research reveals it’s more likely a horrific hunting accident from the US of A. Various people have speculated over whether or not it would need to be amputated, with opinion landing pretty much 50%/50%.

12. Head Like a Hole

Prior to having a metal plate implanted into his skull, this man spent several months with nothing but skin protecting his brain.
He was the victim of a long fall and an uncaring boss – he had had no training or safety equipment.

11. Legs of War

An injury suffered by a Palestinian, believed to have been caused by the new Israeli explosive DIME.
Dr Jan Brommundt, working for Medicins du Monde, said the injuries he’d seen as ‘absolutely gruesome’. We’d have to agree.

10. World of SkullCraft

An x-ray of a fifteen year old boy who had a knife plunged into his forehead, after trying to stop his friend from being robbed. The boy was rushed to hospital with knife still embedded.
He miraculously survived.

9. The BEAR Naked Truth

The bear-naked truth is don’t fight with bears. A bear tore away the skin and muscle – doctors could see this man’s spinal cord sticking out of his neck.
He survived.
Source, Source

8. FaceBoot

A French-Mauritian man goes looking for his wife at 2am whilst visiting Britain. Then fifteen men stomp his head with their boots.
According to the consulting physician, it’s some of the worst facial injuries she has ever seen.
Source, source

7. Inuit Vs Polar Bear

The Inuit didn’t do so well in this match…

…suffering a horrific mauling, and requiring over 300 stitches…

…but he was better off than the polar bear.
Which he shot.
Man 1 – Nature 0
Story Source

6. Brim Full Of Asha on the… .45

A favourite from the bowels of the internet; it’s a hand which a .45 round went through.
Originally from the lovely

5. Firecracker High Five

In this image, most of the skin, flesh and muscle have been torn clean off the bone in a horrific firecracker injury.
The thumb and pinkie remain intact, though it is unlikely that those Terminator-esque fingers will ever see movement again.
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4. Firecracker Low Five

With less chance of a useful recovery, we have this picture. It is a more extreme example of a firecracker joke gone wrong – we can see the complete removal of all of the fingers, with only one left intact and barely attached.
Bones and flesh abound – there is little to do here but amputate, or sew up the flesh to make a sodden, fingerless palm.

3. Hard Shoulder

This is a shoulder that has suffered from a compound fracture following a horrific motorcycle accident.
We can see that there is not only massive bone damage, but a large degree of flesh and tissue damage.
That which remains could be best described as mangled.

2 ½. Mutton Dressed As Leather

Too Much Sun!

The kid has it right. Some of you may complain that this doesn’t actually count as an injury. We disagree, given that it is hands down one of the foulest and most repulsive images of human skin we’ve ever seen.
It counts as a half.

2. Footballer’s Rapidly Deflating Leg

Whilst it may look like a rapidly deflating leg dreamt up by some image editing nerd, this isn’t photoshopped - unfortunately.
In a friendly match between France and China, Djibril Cisse snapped his leg in this horrific manner (the same day he signed for a new club). This worst bit is…this isn’t the worst injury in football.
In fact, this isn’t even the worst injury in Djibril Cisse’s career.

This is. This freak broken leg had to be operated on that very evening. Cisse later revealed that if it hadn’t been operated on immediately it would have been amputated.
Source, source, source

1. A Slice of Brain Pie

Finding information for this one was tough. There are two schools of thought – the first one, he’s going to die because we can see his brain.
The second one, he probably pulled through – the tubs coming from the mouth and nose indicate a concerted effort to save him.
We’re going to err on the side of optimism, and say he pulled through – though to tell the truth, we simply don’t know. We also believe it’s a motorcycle accident.
So that’s it. We hope you enjoyed this enlightening list. We like to think that, somewhere in all the gristle, there is a message of hope. Buried deep beneath the spinal fluid and saliva is the knowledge that no matter how bad it gets, someone, somewhere, has it worse.
And never forget, the human body can recover from some pretty horrific injuries!

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