Tips To Ensure Sound Sleep

It is such a peculiar situation today that most people have to depend on sleeping pills to get their bodies to relax for some hours. However, you can use the simple techniques listed below to help you sleep well and stay healthy without the aid of medications.

1.First, if you fail to fall asleep within 20 minutes of lying down and relaxing on the bed, you need to get up and do some relaxing activity until you start actually feeling sleepy. Not being able to fall asleep could itself get you tensed. Try to make your room as cozy as possible with getting it into a cool temperature and get rid of any kind of distraction from your sleeping room like bright lights, television, or even computer. Try to soundproof your room as far as possible and make sure you like the comfort of the bed you are lying into.

2.Your eating habits could have to do a lot with your sleeping pattern. For example having drinks like coffee, colas, teas, and even chocolates could disturb your sleep. Any kind of caffeine and nicotine could be a stimulant cutting off your sleep. Similarly having alcohol before bedtime could kill your sleep and you might wake up in the middle of the night after its sedative effects have worn off. Similarly eating a large meal at night could cause indigestion while drinking too much of liquids can keep you waking up for urination as well. Hence it is always advisable to eat and drink right to help you get a good sleep.

3.For helping you sleep better, you can use some relaxation techniques that will help you unwind your body before you hit the sack. You can involve in simple relaxing activities like listening to a soft music or reading a relaxing book before you doze off. You could even take a hot bath before bed so that the fall in temperature after the bath soothes you down to sleep well. You can even make these things a ritual before bedtimes. Similarly try to stick to a sleeping schedule even on weekends so that you get your body into the correct sleeping pattern.

4.Very few are aware that our body needs an exposure of at least half an hour to natural sunlight to help regulate our daily sleeping patterns. Avoid napping late in the day and also try to keep it under an hour. Similarly, avoid exercising at least for six hours before bed time so that your body has time to relax into rhythmic sleeping pattern.

5.Finally, also check up if any of the medicines you are having for your heart, blood pressure, or asthma are interfering with your sleeping patterns. Even over-the-counter herbal remedies for cough, cold or other allergies could upset your sleeping precedent.

If, in spite of using all the above methods, you still feel tired during day time due to lack of proper sleep, it would be a good idea to meet your doctor for such consistent sleeping problem.