Sexual Health

Sex is a natural instinct of every living being. Affection and sexual intimacy provide a basis for healthy, happy and strong relationship. Researches show that being in a healthy relationship is more important than money to most people. A study conducted by British researchers on a group of 16,000 people concluded that increasing the frequency of intercourse from once every month to once weekly equate to the gratification of receiving a raise of $50,000! There are many factors that can affect your sexual health adversely. Some of these are

1.Issues related to birth control.

2.Issues with impotence and/or lack of desire.

3.Affliction of sexually transmitted disease.

4.Dissatisfaction with partner.

Health and sex

There is a significant link between general health, life style and sexuality. The sexual drive is affected by many factors like obesity and lack of confidence in one’s physical appearance. Over weight individuals experience a certain lack of sexual drive and desire.

But looking at the brighter side of things, you can stay in perfect sexual health by taking a few simple precautions. Minor changes to your lifestyle can work wonders on your sex life. To pep up the excitement here are some tips.

1.Shed a few extra pounds- A weight loss of as less as 10 pounds can send those hormones surging.

2.Eat right- Nourishing well balanced diet not only takes care of cholesterol and blood sugar, but also can stimulate ones sexual desire. ‘Heart friendly’ foods such as whole grains, low fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables and nuts can hasten your heart beat.

3.Build the stamina- Find a fitness routine that will help you tone your body and make you healthy, so that you feel good about yourself. Build up your stamina with high intensity cardio workouts and resistance training.

4.Power nap- Get plenty of rest. It is difficult to go about your daily activities when you are exhausted, let alone have sex!

5.Love your body- After all your body is all you have. Believe it. You are most sensual human being alive.

Don’t hesitate to get help:

If the problems are beyond simple lifestyle changes or positive attitude, seek professional advice immediately. Sexual problems may have many underlying implications, both physical and psychological. It could occur across gender. The solution may not be as simple as popping sexual enhancement pills. It can shake the very base of your relationship and can cause immense stress for both partners. Consult your doctor before things get out of hand.