Resistance Exercises You Can Do Without Any Equipment

Besides time and energy, one of the primary complaints of potential exercisers is that it is expensive to start an exercise routine. Many people still think you have to join a gym in order to get a good workout. They think that, in order to do resistance training, they need expensive weight machines found at gyms. If they can’t get to the gym, they think they have to purchase a weight bench and hand weight. However, even with the number of inexpensive exercise DVD programs out there, people may still not want to “waste” money on a exercise program that they will use only once or not at all. For those people, there are a few resistance exercises you can do without any equipment.

Pushups are resistance exercises that work the entire upper body. They work the arms, chest and shoulder muscles. This exercise is versatile as well. Beginners can do this exercise on their knees, leaning against the wall, on a chair or with one leg stretched out. There are also a variety of ways to place the hands, depending on the area of the upper body you plan to work. Once a person feels comfortable, they can try standard pushups.

Triceps can also be worked without weights. In order to work the triceps without equipment, sit on the edge of a chair, placing your hands over the edge of the chair. Lift and lower your body to just below the seat of the chair and fully extend on the way back up to the starting position. This exercise can also be performed on the floor. If you happen to be in the park, try this workout on a bench. To add more resistance, lift one of your legs or straighten both of them. For better sexual performance and please visit this site.

Lunges are another form of resistance exercise that can be done without any equipment. Forward lunges work the front of the thighs while back lunges work the back of the legs and the buttock. Plie lunges work the both the legs and buttock. If you lift one or both feet, the calves get a workout as well. You can also get a good resistance exercise it the legs are placed behind you on some kind of incline, such as a step.

A number of abdominal workouts can be performed without equipment. Everyone is familiar with standard crunches; however, if they are done incorrectly, crunches are ineffective. Of course, this exercise can be varied by raising one or both legs into a 90 degree angle. Another option is the bicycle crunch, full sit up, oblique crunch, and the plank. Adaptations of Pilates moves also work the abdominals.

Of course, for resistance exercises to be effective, cardiovascular workouts are needed to burn fat. Walking, jogging or running can be done outdoors. Dancing to your favorite music or jumping rope are possible indoor options to try.