Hearing the Noise inside My Ear

The medical term for the buzzing and humming sound inside the ear or the head is Tinnitus. This type of sound is not considered as a severe predicament but may sometimes get quite annoying especially with its persistent coming and going. Tinnitus can happen anywhere in the ear. It can occur in the inner part of the ear, middle part of the ear and the outer part of the ear.

There are many possible ways for you to acquire this ailment. Any fluid, excessive earwax, and other foreign objects that get stuck in your ear will surely cause tinnitus. Certain medication, prescription or non-prescription drugs like aspirin may also cause tinnitus. Another cause for this is ear trauma from loud noise, from vehicles and load music. When people age, some experience hearing loss due to tinnitus.

There are also a number of ways you can do to reduce the intensity of tinnitus. You should always try to avoid exposing yourself to very loud noise and sounds. Constantly regulate the volume of your music. You might also want to limit your use of earphones. There are times when you get so used to a certain volume level using your earphones that you did not realize that the volume was already too high. For uncontrollable loud noise, sound-masking devices are very helpful to get rid of some of the noise you hear. These devices include ear plugs and earmuffs. If you are having a hard time hearing because of tinnitus then it is wise for you to discuss with your ENT doctor about getting a hearing aid.

Having tinnitus can be a symptom of another underlying disease that you are not aware of at the present. It is therefore wise for you to visit your ENT as soon as possible. Your doctor is specialized in this type of ailment so he may be able to suggest some useful tips or medication for you. Do not take in any medication for tinnitus unless prescribed by a doctor. Your hearing system is very sensitive. You wouldn’t want to end up losing your sense of hearing.