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Resistance Exercises You Can Do Without Any Equipment

Besides time and energy, one of the primary complaints of potential exercisers is that it is expensive to start an exercise routine. Many people still think you have to join a gym in order to get a good workout. They think that, in order to do resistance training, they need expensive weight machines found at gyms. If they can’t get to the gym, they think they have to purchase a weight bench and hand weight. However, even with the number of inexpensive exercise DVD programs out there, people may still not want to “waste” money on a exercise program that they will use only once or not at all. For those people, there are a few resistance exercises you can do without any equipment.

Pushups are resistance exercises that work the entire upper body. They work the arms, chest and shoulder muscles. This exercise is versatile as well. Beginners can do this exercise on their knees, leaning against the wall, on a chair or with one leg stretched out. There are also a variety of ways to place the hands, depending on the area of the upper body you plan to work. Once a person feels comfortable, they can try standard pushups.

Triceps can also be worked without weights. In order to work the triceps without equipment, sit on the edge of a chair, placing your hands over the edge of the chair. Lift and lower your body to just below the seat of the chair and fully extend on the way back up to the starting position. This exercise can also be performed on the floor. If you happen to be in the park, try this workout on a bench. To add more resistance, lift one of your legs or straighten both of them. For better sexual performance and please visit this site.

Lunges are another form of resistance exercise that can be done without any equipment. Forward lunges work the front of the thighs while back lunges work the back of the legs and the buttock. Plie lunges work the both the legs and buttock. If you lift one or both feet, the calves get a workout as well. You can also get a good resistance exercise it the legs are placed behind you on some kind of incline, such as a step.

A number of abdominal workouts can be performed without equipment. Everyone is familiar with standard crunches; however, if they are done incorrectly, crunches are ineffective. Of course, this exercise can be varied by raising one or both legs into a 90 degree angle. Another option is the bicycle crunch, full sit up, oblique crunch, and the plank. Adaptations of Pilates moves also work the abdominals.

Of course, for resistance exercises to be effective, cardiovascular workouts are needed to burn fat. Walking, jogging or running can be done outdoors. Dancing to your favorite music or jumping rope are possible indoor options to try.

Tips To Ensure Sound Sleep

It is such a peculiar situation today that most people have to depend on sleeping pills to get their bodies to relax for some hours. However, you can use the simple techniques listed below to help you sleep well and stay healthy without the aid of medications.

1.First, if you fail to fall asleep within 20 minutes of lying down and relaxing on the bed, you need to get up and do some relaxing activity until you start actually feeling sleepy. Not being able to fall asleep could itself get you tensed. Try to make your room as cozy as possible with getting it into a cool temperature and get rid of any kind of distraction from your sleeping room like bright lights, television, or even computer. Try to soundproof your room as far as possible and make sure you like the comfort of the bed you are lying into.

2.Your eating habits could have to do a lot with your sleeping pattern. For example having drinks like coffee, colas, teas, and even chocolates could disturb your sleep. Any kind of caffeine and nicotine could be a stimulant cutting off your sleep. Similarly having alcohol before bedtime could kill your sleep and you might wake up in the middle of the night after its sedative effects have worn off. Similarly eating a large meal at night could cause indigestion while drinking too much of liquids can keep you waking up for urination as well. Hence it is always advisable to eat and drink right to help you get a good sleep.

3.For helping you sleep better, you can use some relaxation techniques that will help you unwind your body before you hit the sack. You can involve in simple relaxing activities like listening to a soft music or reading a relaxing book before you doze off. You could even take a hot bath before bed so that the fall in temperature after the bath soothes you down to sleep well. You can even make these things a ritual before bedtimes. Similarly try to stick to a sleeping schedule even on weekends so that you get your body into the correct sleeping pattern.

4.Very few are aware that our body needs an exposure of at least half an hour to natural sunlight to help regulate our daily sleeping patterns. Avoid napping late in the day and also try to keep it under an hour. Similarly, avoid exercising at least for six hours before bed time so that your body has time to relax into rhythmic sleeping pattern.

5.Finally, also check up if any of the medicines you are having for your heart, blood pressure, or asthma are interfering with your sleeping patterns. Even over-the-counter herbal remedies for cough, cold or other allergies could upset your sleeping precedent.

If, in spite of using all the above methods, you still feel tired during day time due to lack of proper sleep, it would be a good idea to meet your doctor for such consistent sleeping problem.

Tips for prevention and control of diabetes

The control of the most prevalent type of diabetes, the type II diabetes, is easier said than done. For those who are of the risk category, it becomes an important concern to prevent the onset of the disease. This is especially so in the case of people who are obese or with history of diabetes in their family. The specialists at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have warned that more than 48 million Americans could be afflicted by the disease by the year 2050.

Changing your lifestyle is a positive stride towards prevention of diabetes. A combination of healthy diet and moderate exercise to shed the extra pounds, is the first step to prevention. Listed below are few tips circulated by the American Diabetes Foundation for prevention of diabetes.

Put on your running shoes: A regular fitness regime can take you miles towards a healthy body. The way to lose the flab is to get moving. Exercise increases your metabolic rate which lowers the blood sugar levels. It also improves the insulin sensitivity which is essential in keeping the sugar levels within acceptable range. The optimum exercise regime would comprise of a combination of both aerobic exercise and resistance training.

Love the roughage

Eating fiber rich food will decrease the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Roughage aids in weight loss. Consuming fiber rich food makes you feel full, thereby reducing the hunger pangs which are usually associated with diabetes. Salad greens, vegetables, whole grain cereal, pulses and nuts are rich source of fiber.

Flab to fabulous:

Many diseases are associated with weight gain, of which diabetes is at the top. The finish line to a healthy body gets closer with every pound you shed. Studies have revealed that even a moderate weight loss of 5 to 10 percent the total body weight in adults reduced the risk of contracting diabetes by 58%. Subjects were monitored over a period of three years for weight loss with regular exercise.

Get the right grain:

Whole grains and cereals have been found to reduce diabetes risk by balancing the blood sugar level. Include foods that contain whole grain in your diet, which will yield beneficial results. Whole grain items like breads, whole wheat pasta and breakfast cereals are available off the shelf nowadays. While shopping for groceries try to look for labels that include whole grains.

Throw out the Fancy diets:

There are many fancy diets which include low carbohydrate foods. These may help you to lose weight initially but their role in controlling diabetes has not been proven. The long term effects of such diets on the body have not known. A balanced diet is the inclusion of every vital nutrient in your diet. You may deprive the body of nourishment by eliminating any nutrient group from the diet. It is better to eat a complete and balanced meal while controlling the quantity consumed rather than resorting to fad diets.

Visit to your neighborhood doctor:

It has been recommended by the American Diabetes Foundation, that an over weight individual above the age of 45 must definitely undergo a sugar level test. A glucose tolerance test can be conducted, for individuals above 45 years with normal BMI. Testing can be done for younger persons who are in the high risk category for type II diabetes with previous family history of diabetes or lead an inactive lifestyle.

Hearing the Noise inside My Ear

The medical term for the buzzing and humming sound inside the ear or the head is Tinnitus. This type of sound is not considered as a severe predicament but may sometimes get quite annoying especially with its persistent coming and going. Tinnitus can happen anywhere in the ear. It can occur in the inner part of the ear, middle part of the ear and the outer part of the ear.

There are many possible ways for you to acquire this ailment. Any fluid, excessive earwax, and other foreign objects that get stuck in your ear will surely cause tinnitus. Certain medication, prescription or non-prescription drugs like aspirin may also cause tinnitus. Another cause for this is ear trauma from loud noise, from vehicles and load music. When people age, some experience hearing loss due to tinnitus.

There are also a number of ways you can do to reduce the intensity of tinnitus. You should always try to avoid exposing yourself to very loud noise and sounds. Constantly regulate the volume of your music. You might also want to limit your use of earphones. There are times when you get so used to a certain volume level using your earphones that you did not realize that the volume was already too high. For uncontrollable loud noise, sound-masking devices are very helpful to get rid of some of the noise you hear. These devices include ear plugs and earmuffs. If you are having a hard time hearing because of tinnitus then it is wise for you to discuss with your ENT doctor about getting a hearing aid.

Having tinnitus can be a symptom of another underlying disease that you are not aware of at the present. It is therefore wise for you to visit your ENT as soon as possible. Your doctor is specialized in this type of ailment so he may be able to suggest some useful tips or medication for you. Do not take in any medication for tinnitus unless prescribed by a doctor. Your hearing system is very sensitive. You wouldn’t want to end up losing your sense of hearing.

The Secrets Of Living A Healthy Life

Have you ever wondered how some people live to over 100 years old in a world where the average age of mortality is years much less than that? It is not luck as many would put it. These people have learnt the secrets of living healthy.

The secret is quite simple, a balance in everything. That is, balancing what you eat as well as activities you do.

keeping your body in top form requires that you keep it in a balance. A slight imbalance can result to disease. So, how can you apply this secret and have a healthy long life?

The first thing is to balance what you eat. This is commonly known as taking in a balanced diet. Ensure that your body takes in the nutrients it needs everyday for its functioning. The key here is nutrients and not calories.

A balanced diet ensures that your body does not experience any stresses in terms of deficiencies which, result in disease.

The second thing is to keep your body active and fit. Obesity is a condition that is on the rise. Its main cause is what you eat and lack of exercise. You do not have to join your local gym to make this happen. A jog in the morning or even some gardening can do.

The third thing usually comes as a result of the first two as well as having the right attitude towards life. It is mental balance.

Having peace of mind can actually help you stay healthy. Focus on the things that make you happy. Nuture your brain and allow it to grow by experiencing the world.

By balancing the three, you will find that you will fall ill less often. In addition, incase you fall ill, you will have much faster recovery compared to those who do not practise the secrets of healthy living.

Sexual Health

Sex is a natural instinct of every living being. Affection and sexual intimacy provide a basis for healthy, happy and strong relationship. Researches show that being in a healthy relationship is more important than money to most people. A study conducted by British researchers on a group of 16,000 people concluded that increasing the frequency of intercourse from once every month to once weekly equate to the gratification of receiving a raise of $50,000! There are many factors that can affect your sexual health adversely. Some of these are

1.Issues related to birth control.

2.Issues with impotence and/or lack of desire.

3.Affliction of sexually transmitted disease.

4.Dissatisfaction with partner.

Health and sex

There is a significant link between general health, life style and sexuality. The sexual drive is affected by many factors like obesity and lack of confidence in one’s physical appearance. Over weight individuals experience a certain lack of sexual drive and desire.

But looking at the brighter side of things, you can stay in perfect sexual health by taking a few simple precautions. Minor changes to your lifestyle can work wonders on your sex life. To pep up the excitement here are some tips.

1.Shed a few extra pounds- A weight loss of as less as 10 pounds can send those hormones surging.

2.Eat right- Nourishing well balanced diet not only takes care of cholesterol and blood sugar, but also can stimulate ones sexual desire. ‘Heart friendly’ foods such as whole grains, low fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables and nuts can hasten your heart beat.

3.Build the stamina- Find a fitness routine that will help you tone your body and make you healthy, so that you feel good about yourself. Build up your stamina with high intensity cardio workouts and resistance training.

4.Power nap- Get plenty of rest. It is difficult to go about your daily activities when you are exhausted, let alone have sex!

5.Love your body- After all your body is all you have. Believe it. You are most sensual human being alive.

Don’t hesitate to get help:

If the problems are beyond simple lifestyle changes or positive attitude, seek professional advice immediately. Sexual problems may have many underlying implications, both physical and psychological. It could occur across gender. The solution may not be as simple as popping sexual enhancement pills. It can shake the very base of your relationship and can cause immense stress for both partners. Consult your doctor before things get out of hand.

Oral and dental health

It is often said that your mouth is an indicator to your general health, just as the eyes reflect your soul. Doctors can pick up indications to other sicknesses from your oral health. The connection between oral and general health is more significant than you imagine.


The condition of your mouth is connected to many inner factors. The initial symptoms of many other diseases may exhibit in the mouth. Diseases of your mouth like gum infections etc may manifest at other parts of your body vice versa. Any infection in your stomach will result in odor and bad taste in the mouth. Read on to discover the correlation between oral and general health.

Why the bond between oral and general health?

The oral cavity is a breeding ground for many types of bacteria. The alkaline nature of the saliva usually keeps them under control. Regular oral care of brushing twice a day and dental flossing also keeps your mouth in good health. But any laidback attitude in taking care of your mouth may reverse this and cause uncontrollable growth of harmful bacteria. Eating sweets also increase the acidity of the mouth making it easier for the bacteria to breed. This could cause a severe gum disease called periodontis.

The harmful bacteria can reach your blood stream when there is an infection to the gums. Certain dental surgical procedures also could permit the bacteria to enter the blood stream. Certain medications reduce the production of saliva thereby upsetting the pH balance of your mouth. This makes it simpler for bacteria to reach the blood stream. Once the bacteria enter your blood stream, they are likely to cause problems to other parts of the body.

Oral health and associated health problems:

Here are few common illnesses that may be connected to your oral health.

1.Heart diseases- Though it has been proven that oral health can affect your heart and arteries; more research is needed to establish any direct link between cardiovascular diseases and oral hygiene.

2.Pregnancy and child birth- It is very important to maintain proper oral hygiene during all stages of pregnancy. Certain gum diseases have been linked to premature delivery in pregnant women. It is also important to include adequate amount of calcium in the diet during pregnancy, as deficiency could lead to cavities.

3.Diabetes- Oral infections, tooth loss or cavities, drying of the mouth etc are directly connected to diabetes. On the other hand, blood sugar levels fluctuate when oral hygiene is neglected. Oral infections may trigger sugar levels to rise, making it necessary for higher doses of insulin.

4.AIDS and HIV infections- AIDS patients have frequent oral infections like ulcers and lesions. Severe bacterial and viral oral infections could very often be initial indications of HIV infection. White spots or painful lesions on the tongue should be a reason to contact your doctor for further investigations.

5.Osteoporosis- Bone erosion shows up as teeth loss initially. A continuous decrease of bone density affects your jaw bone causing root infections. This will ultimately cause loss of teeth and other gum infections. Routine examinations and dental X-rays will shed light on the severity of the condition. If the situation worsens, your dental surgeon may suggest you to consult an orthopedic surgeon for further treatment.

6.Other diseases-Your mouth indicates the problems with your body well in advance. Venereal diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea, some types of cancers, substance abuse or eating disorders, Sjorgen’s syndrome, etc manifest as simple mouth infections at early stages. So ‘listen’ to what your mouth is telling you. It may prevent many a dangerous disease, if you give your mouth a patient hearing.

Love your heart, Stay Away From Heart Diseases

Many of us know have someone in their family or have friends who have either, gone through a heart disease and survived and some who were unfortunate enough and did not make it through. Heart disease is the primary reason for countless fatalities all over the world.

You are wrong if you think that only old people get this disease. You may be at risk of acquiring heart disease at an early age especially when there are other members of your bloodline that have also suffered from this disease. This disease does not choose its victims and especially attacks people who have poor health practices.

There are many types of heart diseases. One of the most common among them is the Coronary Heart Disease. This refers to the malfunction of the coronary flow to supply ample circulation to the cardiac muscle and its neighboring tissues. Because of the plaque (which is a substance made up of cholesterol) that hoards on the artery walls, the arteries then narrow which ends up with a lesser amount of blood flow towards the heart. Coronary heart disease causes chest pains and shortens breaths, which eventually leads to heart attacks.

Cardiovascular Disease is the collective name for several diseases that specifically affects the heart and its surrounding arteries and veins. Men and women are affected by this disease differently. Women with cardiovascular disease only suffer types that concern the blood vessels or arteries, while men with this disease suffer the type that directly affects the heart.

Heart Failure, which is also known as Congestive Cardiac Failure (CCF), is another heart disease that greatly affects many people worldwide. This heart disease messes up the capability of the heart to pump adequate quantities of blood all through the body.

There are so many risk factors for heart diseases. One of which is age. Once you age, you will be more prone to a great number of diseases, especially if you do not take care of your body. Sex or gender also is a significant risk factor for getting heart diseases. Statistics show that more men have suffered heart diseases compared to women, all over the world. Genetics is also a notable risk factor, if someone has a family member suffering from this disease then his chances of getting the same disease is also increased.

It is important to take care of our bodies to avoid any kind of disease. Various researches have proven that heart diseases are linked to obesity that is why it is very important for us to take care of our health.  We would greatly benefit a healthy lifestyle change that would include eating a healthy, well-balanced diet; regular exercise; staying in an ideal weight according to our BMI; and keeping ourselves relaxed and stress-free. It is important to visit the doctor for a yearly check-up as well to make sure that we are healthy and in shape.

Insomnia Can affect Your Career and Your Relationships

Are you having difficulties sleeping at night? Are you able to sleep for a few minutes then wake up in the middle of the night and not able to sleep back again? If you answer yes to any of these questions then I guess it’s time for you to visit your doctor for a check-up. You might be suffering from insomnia.

Insomnia is characterized as the difficulty to fall or stay asleep. Statistics show that an estimated 30%-50% of the population suffers from insomnia. People from all ages suffer from insomnia, young and old. This sleeping disorder does not choose its victim.

There are many factors that cause insomnia. One of which is stress. When you get too much stress from work, or because of personal problems, your body reacts to it differently. Some may be able to sleep for very long hours while others react by not being able to sleep at all.

Too much caffeine can also affect your ability to sleep. Caffeine which is commonly found in beverages such as coffee, tea and many energy drinks is commonly used to boost energy and heighten a person’s alertness so to stay awake longer. This is the reason why you should stay away from caffeine if possible.

Depression is also one factor that causes insomnia. Being depressed causes you to think too much about a certain problem you have. And whenever you think too much, you stay up for long hours and even if you try to stop thinking about the problem, you still end up thinking about it.

Shifting schedules at work also influences your ability to sleep. Your body clock has to adjust whenever you have a new sleeping schedule. Your body has already been used to sleeping during the night, and when you will be assigned to a graveyard shift, it will be very difficult to adjust to at first.

To have a healthy lifestyle, you must be able to get enough sleep every day. A typical adult needs around 7-8 hours of sleep each night. This is to allow the body to regenerate and be able to stock up on the lost energy during the day. For the body to be able to function to its full potential, enough rest and sleep is much needed.

Going to the doctor is the best step for you to take. The doctor is a professional in the medical field so he knows a lot about this disorder and will be able to help you treat it. Remember that you are the one who controls your own life. Don’t let insomnia take control of view and affect your career and most especially your relationship with your loved ones.