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Pet Emergency & First Aid Kits

Storing an emergency pet supply kit for our animals is just as important as storing one for ourselves. Our pets are under extreme anxiety during an emergency situation and cannot be forgotten. They need food, water, and medical supplies to help them if they have been injured. We carry full size kits to ensure your little furry family members are taken care of too!

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Emergency Cat Food Emergency Dog Food The CATastrophy Kit for Cats
List Price: $4.03
List Price: $4.03
List Price: $61.15
Emergency Cat Food Emergency Dog Food The CATastrophy Kit for Cats
Travel Kit Food and Water - for Pet 58 Piece First Aid Kit for Pets
List Price: $8.15
List Price: $30.55
Pet Travel Kit 58 Piece First Aid Kit for Pets

Emergency and disaster situations are just as difficult for our pets as they are for us, perhaps even more so because they have no way to understand what is happening.  During a crisis, your dog or cat will need food and water, and could need first aid care as well.  The needs of your animal companions will basically be exactly the same as yours.

The first thing to keep in mind as regards your pets and emergencies is never to allow the pet to roam around outside.  Even if the pet is used to enjoying himself in the yard, it is easy for any dog or cat to become disoriented if a disaster has occurred.  Downed power lines, flooding, or debris can all pose dangers to your pets, either through direct injury or contamination.  Dogs should never be allowed outside during an emergency without a leash or harness.  Cats need to be confined in a crate, as a panicked cat can easily dart outside when the door is opened.  Exotic pets will need special care, and will usually need to be kept warm as well as fed and watered.

Even if you have provided for emergency food supplies for your family, you pets will have to eat when the stores are closed, too.  While you could just keep some extra kibble in the house, once a bag is opened, the food begins to go stale.  What you will want is an emergency pet food that has a good shelf life, and our Emergency Dog and Cat Foods are not only quality food products, but have a shelf life of 5 years. 

Taking care of injuries to your pet that might occur during an emergency is important, and the 58 Piece First Aid Kit For Pets will help you to manage wounds, stings, and even fractures.  Besides a number of useful items such as gauze pads and paw tip bandages, this kit has a Pet First Aid Guide that can help you with treating your cat or dog should the need arise.

It is not unusual now for people to take their dogs along with them when they go on vacation.  Dogs tend to be better travelers than cats, but some cats do enjoy car rides and will be taken as well.  The Travel Kit Food and Water – For Pets is easy to carry along, and can be supplemented with the emergency cat and dog food supplies above.

Remembering the needs of your pet before an emergency occurs is the best way to make sure that your dog or cat survives a disaster without trouble.