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Meals Ready to Eat and Long Term Food Storage Kits

When a power outage occurs, making meals suddenly becomes a challenge. Storing long term food supplies will ensure that the nutritional needs of yourself and loved ones are met no matter the emergency situation. We offer a variety of kit sizes and all of our emergency food has a shelf life of 25 years.

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72 Hour Emergency Entree Kit 56 Serving Grab and Go Bucket 84 Serving Grab and Go Bucket
List Price: $53.96
List Price: $131.58
List Price: $189.72
72 Hour Emergency Entrée Kit Wise Food 56 Serving Grab Go Bucket Wise Food 84 Serving Grab Go Bucket
Gourmet Freeze Dry Long Term Food Supply
List Price: $443.70
Long Term Emergency Survival Food Supply
Our lives and comfort basically depend upon the electricity that is delivered to our homes.  Electricity provides not only power for our lights, but also for refrigeration, water, and heat.  Many people use electric stoves to cook on as well.  When an electric outage occurs, none of the conveniences to which we are accustomed will work, which means that unless power is restored quickly, food in the refrigerator or freezer will spoil rapidly.  Unless you have emergency food supplies in your home, it will mean that you and your family will soon feel hungry.

Most emergencies are resolved within 3 days, which makes our 72 Hour Emergency Entrée Kit perfect for most people.  This kit provides for 4 meals a day, including such dishes as Cheesy Lasagna, Savory Stroganoff, and Teriyaki and Rice, which will please the fussiest eaters.  These meals can be heated and eaten right in their pouches – a real convenience when cleanup may be difficult.

When you are planning for longer term emergencies, you may find that our Grab and Go Buckets will be perfect for your needs.   Grab and Go Buckets are available in 56 or 84 serving sizes and will provide up to four weeks of tasty food, depending on how many people will be using them.  These buckets contain not only the same great meals found in the Entrée Kit, but also breakfast foods such as apple/cinnamon cereal or granola.

If you want to be thoroughly prepared for a disaster that could stretch into months, you may be interested in the Long Term Emergency Food Supply.  This can provide a supply of nutritious food that can sustain you and your family for a year or more if needs be.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all included in this food supply, and there is a good variety to help prevent boredom should these emergency meals have to be used for a length of time.

All of our emergency foods have a 25 year shelf life, but care should be taken when storing the food to make sure that the conditions are optimal.  A basement is probably best, as a temperature of 50 to 55 F is ideal for preserving the quality of these foods.  Do not place your emergency food where the containers will be exposed to sunlight, and never store them in an attic, garage, or other outbuilding.  Even the best prepared emergency food will deteriorate quickly when exposed to excessive heat.