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CPR -Smoke Hood -N95 Fire Masks

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I EVAC Escape Hood POTOMAC Smoke Hood X Caper Smoke & Gas Mask
List Price: $399.49
List Price: $239.95
List Price: $81.59
I EVAC Escape Hood POTOMAC Smoke Hood X Caper Smoke & Gas Mask
Dust Mask N95 Box of 20 Face Masks Flat Fold N95 Dusk Mask
List Price: $25.45
List Price: $12.19
List Price: $2.04
Dust Mask N95 Face Masks Flat Fold N95 Dusk Mask
Dust Masks
List Price: $0.97
Dust Masks
One of the biggest concerns at any disaster or emergency scene is airborne pollution.  This holds true whether the crisis involves particulate matter, smoke, chemicals, or infectious disease.  It is important that those who are assisting with any of these situations be protected from harm, so the proper equipment is absolutely necessary.  CERTs are often the first to arrive at trouble, so they should have adequate protection at all times.  Those who are interested in protecting themselves or their families will also benefit from face masks, either at home or in the workplace.

The old expression, “What you can’t see won’t hurt you” is completely false, especially during the flu season or when dealing with any kind of biological disaster.  Many diseases, besides flu, are spread through the air, and there is no way to visually identify air that has been contaminated by viruses or bacteria.  We offer a range of excellent face masks that can filter out most viruses and bacteria, making it much less likely than you will inadvertently pick up a ‘bug’.  You can choose between or 35 Piece Flu Kit, Face Masks, or Pandemic Flu Kit.  If you are interested in providing the maximum protection, consider the I EVAC Escape Hood or the POTOMAC Smoke Hood.  These last two will basically keep anything harmful from entering through your mouth, nose, or eyes.

However, emergencies and disasters are not the only reason to use face masks; even working around the house can expose you to airborne particles that could cause respiratory problems.  Those who are working with wood, restoring furniture, walls, or ceilings will all benefit from one of our economical face masks.  The Dust Mask N95 or Flat Fold N95 Dust Mask will allow you to handle these activities without worry.  These masks can also be invaluable at work, especially in factories or on construction sites.  A foam insert and adjustable nasal area will let you get a tight, safe fit and as there is low resistance to breathing, these masks are comfortable to wear.